Summer 2022 running groups

  • 001 Walk to Jog group
  • 101 Jog to Run group
  • 201 Run Stronger group

When does the next one start??

The first session starts on Wednesday May 4, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. We are excited to be back and we know how valuable running is to our health.. both mental and physical health. The goal of this group is to get ready and run the Fort Langley 5 K on July 10th, 2022!!

Who can join the group? You can!

Anyone with an interest in improving their fitness, and learning more about the sport of running, is qualified to join. We offer two distinct programs; one for those just starting out (two pace groups aka Running 001 and 101) and Running 201 for those still new to running who want to continue to improve their speed and strength. The walk/jog program offers a safe and gradual introduction to running. The running program incorporates more technical aspects of running and challenges runners with anaerobic workouts such as fartlek, track intervals, hills and tempo runs. Within the running program, workouts are modified to meet everyone’s ability. You can move up or down a group if things are too easy or not challenging enough.

Why join a running program??

There are many reasons for starting an exercise program. Some want to relieve stress or lose weight, and others just want to enjoy the outdoors. Our program design is specifically developed to assist individuals gain strength and running speed. At Peninsula Runners we work hard to provide a safe, informative, fun, motivating, and rewarding clinic atmosphere.

How long is the program??

This “walk to run” and “run stronger” clinic program is 10 weeks long starting May 4 and ending July 10, 2022. The 001 group will prepare you to run/walk a 5k by the end of the 10 weeks while the 101 will prepare you to run the 5k by July 10th. The 201 will help you become a stronger runner for the 5 K at Fort Langley July 10th. Do not waht to run the 5 K on July 10th? That is okey. This is still a great group to join to learn to run and get out and be fit with others..

At the end of this clinic you will be invited to run the Fortt Langley 5 K on July 10th. You will get a finishers medal and T-shirt and it will let you see how far you have come in 10 weeks!

How much will it cost and where do we run from??

The cost of this program is $50 plus GST! This price includes the 10 Wednesday nights, a shopping night, a 10% discount on all store purchases during the clinic and entry into the Fort Langley 5 K run. We will also provide you with a recommended training schedule that will help guide you through the program. Experienced leaders will help to inform, inspire & improve your running.

Most of the workouts will start and finish at our new Walnut Grove location. Our workouts typically take place in near proximity to the store. Note that we are now at our new location in the heart of Walnut Grove at 20999 88th Avenue.

Come find out why everyone in our clinic is having so much fun!, Michelle, Craig, Phil and all the gang at Peninsula Runners will enjoy helping you succeed in your goals heading into this clinic.

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